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The Candle team is here to present awareness and the importance of helping people that are in dangerous situations, needing water, food, shelter and medicines. We can succed in helping thousands of people from different countries without wasting money. We will bring the world light again with our Candles.

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Candle Token will be distributed via Airdrops, Bounties, Private Sales and IEO. The token has full compatibillity with third-party service wallets, exchanges and provides easy-to-use integration.

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The Goal of Candle Token

Candle Token was created to be a bridge between people who would like to help NonProfit Organizations through Crypto donations. You do it by buying Candle Tokens and chosing the charity you want to donate! Simple as that. You can do follow-ups for our donations through the BCH explorer.
Candle is a project built on BCH Blockchain through the Simple Ledger Protocol, right now working to provide aid to 5 different charities and help as many people as possible. At the moment, Candle developers take 25% of the amount you chose to donate to continue our development, don't worry, as we keep growing, rates will go lower and lower.

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Our Main Road Map

Check out list of our progress and what we intend to do in the next coming months.

  • STEP 1
    Project Launching

    Founding Team Meeting

    Positioning and Registration

  • STEP 2

    License Acquired

  • STEP 3

    Advisor Team Gathering

    Strategic Partner

  • STEP 4
    Online Presence

    Website Development

    WhitePaper Creation

  • STEP 5

    Airdrop Begins

    Partnership Announcement

  • STEP 6

    CandleToken v1 WHITEPAPER

  • STEP 7

    Airdrop Distribution

    Exchange Listing

  • STEP 8

    MVP Development

    Mobile APP Development

  • STEP 9

    AMA & Trading Competition

Frequently asked questions

You can find some of our frequently askes questions here, this will help you understand some basic objectives, however, you can ask some important questions on our official telegram group if your quesions is not answered here

Candle it's an initiative to allow crypto donations to Nonprofit organizations, it was built through the Simple Ledger Protocol on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.
Our main goal is to turn into the foundation of change for people, organizations, and producers. Principled, fair, and decided, we are a bridge to the world's best Nonprofits and convey the most critical worth, with assistance, counsel, and top notch donators loyalty.
We need to reform the whole sourcing process by bridling the intensity of BCH, large information, and shrewd agreements. Beginning with charities and fundraisers, we intend to grow CandleToken into different ventures, among them the development of platforms for information on how to help, and guiding enterprises through the transition of charity aid.
CandleToken can be stored on Badger, and Electron wallets. All of them can be found on the webpage.
We are currently organising a selfdrop for all our early adopters, this can be done by joining on Telegram
We are open to individuals and coperate bodies willing to partner with us. You can find us on Telegram, Twitter and also send your proposal to